3.4 Changing Institution

3.4.1 How to Change Institutions on the Cashier Form Screen…

When the Cashier Form is opened, if the Institution information is not selected during the registration process of the patient, a cashier form with the status of “Paid Patient” is created so that the patient pays the fees for all the procedures himself.
If all or a certain part of the patient’s health expenses will be paid by the institution, the institution information of the patient should be selected.
In order to select the institution information, the “Change Institution”(1) button is pressed and “Yes” is answered to the warning that appears.
The institution of the patient is selected from the “Institution List”(3) on the “Contracted Institution Selection” screen and the process is completed by pressing the “Select”(2) button.
If there are too many records in the institution list, the list can be filtered according to the options in the “Filter”(4) field.
After the selection made, all entries in the patient’s form will be automatically recalculated according to the new institution.