3.2 Clinic Form Creation

3.2.1 Clinical Form Creation Process…

The patient to be admitted to is found by using the filtering options. After finding the patient, the line of the relevant patient is selected and the Clinical Teller Form screen is opened by using the “New Inpatient Form” (1) button.
On the Clinic Cashier Form screen that opens, the system will automatically open the screen where hospitalization information will be entered.
The hospitalization information screen is either empty or full, depending on whether the patient has a registered hospitalization request in the system.
If there is a hospitalization request registered in the system, the only fields to be filled in the hospitalization information screen are the reason for hospitalization and bed selection.
If there is no hospitalization request, the relevant fields must be filled.

3.2.2 How to Fill in Hospitalization Information…

On the hospitalization information screen, the “Hospitalization Reason (1), Branch (2), Hospitalized Doctor (3), Floor/Room/Bed (4)” fields are filled and hospitalization is done by pressing the “Save” (5) button.

When the magnifying glass icon next to the Inpatient Doctor field is pressed, the Personnel Selection screen opens, and the request of the relevant doctor is written in the “Search Field”(2), and the relevant doctor is found and the relevant doctor is selected with the “Select”(1) button.

In order to select the bed that the patient will sleep on, the Magnifier icon next to the Floor/Room/Bed field is pressed on the Hospitalization Information screen and the Bed Selection screen opens.
On the Bed Selection screen, the box in the “Empty Beds”(1) field is checked, and the empty beds in the hospital are listed first (3).
Then, double-click on the appropriate bed to which the patient will be hospitalized or the relevant bed is selected with the help of the “Select Bed”(2) button.