2.3 New Patient Registration Process

2.3.1 How to Perform New Patient Registration…

Patient Registration is performed in two ways on the Patient List screen. The first of these; It is the patient registration process made automatically from the search field with the ID Number.
When the barcode on the ID document is read or written manually in the ID Number field (1), a search is made for the patients registered in the system by pressing the Enter key or pressing the Filter (2) button.
If there is no patient record registered in the system with the Identification Number Written or Read, the “Patient Details” screen is automatically opened and the registration process is performed after the patient’s information is entered.
The second method is; Entering the necessary information of the patient on the Patient Detail screen opened by pressing the “New Patient” (3) button and recording the patient.

After filling in the necessary information, we complete the Patient Registration process by clicking the “Save”(1) button.
After the Patient Detail screen is opened, the mandatory fields are displayed in red and it is mandatory to fill in to complete the patient registration process.
Mandatory fields are set by the System Admin personnel. .
Personnel who are System Admins can add or remove information on the relevant screen with the help of the “Template Description” (2) button on the relevant screen.
For example; If training information is to be obtained from the patients as a new information in the institution, the System Admin personnel must add this information to the “New Patient Template”.