2.2 Patient Search Procedures on the Patient List Screen

2.2.1 Where to Reach…

After logging into the program, the patient list screen is opened with the “Patient List” option in the “Left Menu”.
It is also possible to reach the relevant screen quickly by typing the name of the screen in the “Search” field at the top of the Left Menu.

2.2.2 How to Search for Patients Registered in the System…

Patients registered in the system can be easily listed by using the options in the “Filter” field on the left side of the Patient List screen.
TC from the filtering options. In the Identification Number field (1), the TC of the called patient. The ID Number is written and the Filter button or the Enter key is pressed.
Written TC. If there is a patient registered with the ID Number, it will be listed in the “Patient List” field. TR. Thanks to the feature in the ID Number, the TC written in the system. If a patient is not registered with the ID Number, the “Patient Detail” screen opens directly for the convenience of the users and allows you to register a new patient.
With the other Filter fields (2), searches can be made with the patient’s Name, Surname, Patient ID, Form No, Telephone, Passport No and Special Code.
With the help of “Patient List” (3) and Other fields (4) located at the top of the filter area, it is possible to search according to a wide date range or a specific patient list instead of a single patient search.