2.1 Patient Search and Patient Detail Procedures

2.1.1  How to Perform a Patient Search…

Patient Query screen can be accessed from many different places through the program.
Patients can be registered to the system from the screen that opens, as well as updating the registered information of registered patients.
Name, Surname, Identity Number, Patient Number, etc. among the patients registered in the system in the search field (1) on the patient query screen. The patient/patients are listed using the “Filter”(2) button using the criteria.
If an update is to be made on the listed Patient/Patients’ information, the Patient Detail screen is opened with the “Patient Detail” (6) button and the desired updates can be made.
If the searched patient is not registered in the system, it is registered in the system with the “New Registration”(5) button.
If the new record or detailed information will not be updated, you will select the patient to be processed from the listed Patient/Patients with the help of the “Select”(3) button.

2.1.2  How to Access and Change Patient Details…

The Patient/Patients searched as a result of the search process mentioned in the “2.1.1 How to Search for a Patient” field are listed. If you want to access the detailed information of which patient among the listed Patient/Patients and make changes in their information, you need to select the line with that patient with the left click and press the “Patient Details”(3) button. On the “Patient Detail” screen that opens, all the patient’s registered information will be displayed automatically. If there is any information you want to change, it will be enough to make the change and press the “Save”(1) button.

Employees who are System Admins can add or remove information on the relevant screen with the help of the “Template Description” (2) button on the relevant screen. For example; If training information is to be obtained from the patients as a new information in the institution, the System Admin personnel must add this information to the “New Patient Template”..